Vaarzon-Morel Solicitors

Your legal journey will be a little different with us.

Your matter will be dealt with collaboratively and as a result you end up with an outcome that is more cost effective.

At other firms you are assigned a lawyer, and that lawyer works in isolation to get you a result. Our collaborative approach means that we work together as a team. You will have a key contact lawyer but what you actually get behind the scenes is a team of lawyers working together to plan, execute and deliver you an outcome.

The clear advantage of our collaborative approach is that each lawyer brings to the table their own unique experience and individual legal and practical knowledge and understanding of the problem you are faced with. Our lawyers all bring a unique approach to evaluating and solving the problem you are facing.

The benefit of this unique collaborative approach is that we are able to form a clear plan that informs you of what the best approach is to solving your matter. The first part of this approach is having a complete understanding of what you want to achieve and what your expectations are of us. We find this a far more productive approach as instead of having one isolated lawyer you get a team of lawyers. Our team are prepared to work with you to ensure your legal journey is as smooth and cost effective as possible.

Our lawyers bring to the table a broad range of experiences that allows us to work in several different areas of law, as often there is a cross over. While our foundations lie in Maritime Law, we are more then just a Maritime Law firm. Our unique life experiences and interests have guided the firm to branch into various areas of law from Commercial, Business, Litigation, Wills & Estates right through to Criminal law.

We pride ourselves in delivering a personalised and professional service and look forward to working with you in the future.